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Accepted Payment Methods

Accepted Payment Methods- The MedicineHub

Everyone orders things online these days, but ordering medications online is not a new concept. It dates back to the start of eBay. However, paying for medications online is a completely different thing.

A lot of the time, customers wonder why we can’t just process the payments like a regular online store. Our answer is, “If we could, we would”.

We can’t make the payment process easier, but we can offer a clear explanation as to why some payment methods are unacceptable and what methods are acceptable.

Mainstream Payment Methods (MPMs)

When we process payments online, we need an online payment processor like PayPal or Credit Card Processor. Let’s call them the “Provider” for easier understanding.

On most online stores, the payment gateways are attached to the website. You can choose your products, go to “checkout”, and it brings you to the payment gateway (Provider page). You fill in the card info and press “Pay”. Done.

However, most people don’t know what happens in the background. When you order shoes online and pay using a Provider, The Provider electronically collects that data (What shoes, what size, what amount, etc.) because the gateway is attached to that website. So, they are sure about what is being sold.

Unfortunately, we can’t do that. Ours are prescription medications and most of our customers don’t have prescriptions. If we allow a third party (Provider) to collect this data, our customers will be in legal trouble. That’s why MPMs are not accepted at The MedicienHub (TMH).

Some pharmacies do accept PayPal and Credit Cards, but still, the gateways are not attached to the site. Once you have placed your order, you will only get a “Thank you” message.

Later, someone will manually review the order and send a credit card/ PayPal invoice link via email. It’s alright and can be pretty safe, but on the pharmacy side, it creates a problem.

Since the invoice is detached from the website, The Provider doesn’t know what is being sold. So they hold the money until the receiver can supply some kind of invoice of sale (product description) and the tracking number for the shipment before the Provider releases the money.

So actually, the customer has to wait for a while before receiving their orders. You might have paid and your balance has been deducted, but on the pharmacy side, we haven’t received the money yet and may have to wait for 21 days.

Then you might think, “Why not ship first, and wait for the money ”? It’s fine for 2-3 orders, but imagine 30-40 orders a day. We have to pay for the postage and the other fees for 30 orders and have to wait for the money for 21 days. If this happens every day, we’re surely going bankrupt.

There are other risks as well. Any Provider can freeze the account without notice if they are suspicious. So now, we have shipped 30 orders, and will never get the money. I’m sure the customer doesn’t want that to happen either. You have paid and your balance has been deducted so you’d want to money to come to us so that we can stay in business and ship your medications continuously.

So let’s do a review of the payment methods we do accept.

Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are designed to get rid of all the drama the MPMs create. These are straightforward payments that come to us directly, and in case they fail, the money is returned to the sender immediately- no holding and no questions. Most importantly, they protect the customers and cause no legal issues whatsoever.

We offer a 15% discount on all APMs because there’s a small transfer fee when you use them. But don’t worry, the money you will save from our discount will be more than enough to cover the fees and save you some money.

We accept 4 APMs at The MedicineHub (TMH)

1.Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) must be the number one choice for all online pharmacies and for obvious reasons.


  • Unlimited Transactions: There’s no limit to how much you can send and receive in Bitcoin.
  • Almost Instant Transfer: We get the money within 10 minutes.
  • No Meddling Banks: BTC is transferred and regulated via Blockchain, a network of computer ledgers. No bank, no question, no problem. You can transfer money to a friend sitting beside you or to a person on the other side of the world- it makes no difference. You can send a dollar or a million- it makes no difference.
  • Easy to Use: There was a time when BTC was difficult to use and it was a “Nerd-Only” zone, but since we all use SmartPhones now, it has become so easy. All you have to do is understand the concept, which we’ll explain in a while.
  • Can Make Money: People have made a lot of money using BTC or other cryptocurrencies. However, we’re not going to discuss it here as it requires some level of expertise. Yet, if you start learning to use crypto, might as we learn how to make money out of it. For online payments, or paying for your medications, you needn’t be an expert.

Disadvantages: Bitcoin has virtually no disadvantages whatsoever.

  • Slightly Confusing: First-time users may find it a bit confusing to use depending on the BTC wallet functions.

How to pay for medications using Bitcoin

In 3 simple steps:

  1. Purchase the amount of BTC you need for your order. Maybe add 4-5 dollars more for the transfer fee although it shouldn’t cost that much.
  2. We’ll then, send you the amount in BTC and our wallet address, which looks like this: 3HjUxdS4YQgQ7RP95HfHR7drpaBeChW3wU
  3. You send the coins to our wallet address from the “Send” function of your wallet.

All you need is one BTC wallet app on your phone. The wallet will allow you to buy BTC and store it. Depending on the wallet provider, there’ll be a small transfer fee when you transfer BTC to another wallet.

There’s just one thing to remember. Your crypto wallet should be a local one. A local wallet is connected to the local banks of the country so you can easily convert your currency into BTC when you need to send someone. You can also convert BTC into your own currency and forward it to your bank account if you receive BTC from someone.

Here are a few for your reference:

Biance is also a very popular wallet that works in almost any country. However, it is a bit tricky to learn to use Binance. It was designed for traders who want to make money with crypto so we won’t recommend it for now.

Here’s how to open a CoinBase wallet:

Here’s how to use CashhApp to buy and send BTC:

Once you have a verified wallet, choose “Bitcoin” during checkout on our site and we’ll send you our wallet address, a QR code, and the amount via email.

2. Local Bank Transfer (Wise)

Wise (formerly TransferWise) is a very interesting payment method. Wise allows us to open virtual bank accounts in any country. You can also have a Wise account or download the Wise App for easier transactions, but it is not required.

Even if you don’t have a Wise account, you can transfer money to us because we have virtual accounts.

If a US customer chooses to pay via bank transfer, we provide them with a US bank account. The same way, UK to UK, and AU to AU. All you need to do is use your online banking or bank app to transfer the money to our account.


  • Local Transfer: Since it’s a local transfer, the transfer fee is very minimal (.03 c for $100).
  • Virtually no Time: It takes 30 seconds to complete and we receive the money instantly.


  • Need Online Banking: You will need online banking (Bank portal on PC, Bank app, or eWallet like CashApp) to complete the transfer. Since these are virtual accounts, you can’t use cash to deposit in our account.

Choose “Local Bank Transfer (Wise)” as your payment method during checkout and we’ll send you our bank details via email.

3. MoneyGram (MG)

MoneyGram is an older method. It is still a good method but has some limitations. You can process MG at a local MoneyGram agent location (Offline) with cash or you can use the MoneyGram online to process payment via a debit or credit card.

For online transfers, you have to go to and open an account. You will need to verify your email, phone, and ID.

Also, since banks and cards are involved, for the very first time you use MoneyGram online, you should call your card issuing bank first. You only have to do it once (the first time). If not, the bank’s anti-fraud system sometimes blocks the transaction.


  • Instant Transfer:We get it really quickly
  • Multiple Transfers in a day:On our end, the same receiver can receive multiple transfers in one day.


  • Limit:There’s a limit to how much you can send at a time. MG online allows about $350 and offline allows $1,500. More than that and the transfer may be declined.

If you already have an MG account, choose “MoneyGram” as your payment method during checkout and we’ll send you the receiver information via email.

4. Western Union (WU)

Western Union is also as old as MoneyGram, and just like MoneyGram, you can process the payments online (With cards) or offline (At an agent location).

For online transfers, you should go to and open an account. You will need to verify your email, phone, and one ID, and just like MG, you should call your bank for the very first time.


  • Instant Transfer:We get it really quickly


  • One Transfers in a day:On our end, the same receiver can only receive one transfer a day. If one receiver has two or more transfers in his name, the second and the third one may be declined, and the money … returned to the sender.
  • Limit:There’s a limit to how much you can send at a time. MG online allows about $400 and offline allows $2,000. More than that, and the transfer may be declined, and the money … returned to the sender.

If you already have a WU account, choose “Western Union” as your payment method during checkout and we’ll send you the receiver information via email.

Final Thoughts

We hope the article helps. On our end, we try to make things as easy as possible for our customers. If you have any difficulty, just use the chat function on our site to talk to an agent and we’ll assist you every step of the way.

Sure, PayPal and Credit Card payments offer a kind of safety, People like them because if they are unsatisfied with the products or services, they can file a “Dispute” or “Chargeback” and get their money back. The APMs don’t have that kind of function.

However, we have a pretty good Refund and Reshipment Policies if you are unsatisfied. Therefore, worry not. Check out our Terms and Conditions for details.